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      Le Conseil Régional du Sud est en train de finaliser une convention avec une société privée pour la création d’une carrière dans la Région. Ils sont accompagnés dans le projet par le MINEPAT. Le Conseil a reçu l’agrément du MINIMIDT et un arrêté du MINDCAF pour le terrain en question.
      The South Regional Council is in the process of finalising an agreement with a private company to create a quarry in the Region. MINEPAT is assisting them with the project. The Council has received approval from MINIMIDT and a Decree from MINDCAF for the land in question.

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      The topic introduced above is a practical case of the implementation of the process of decentralization in Cameroon, and the application of some principle underlying actions OF Regional and Local Authorities in promoting local development.
      1. The very essence of decentralization is seen in the fact that the agreement is signed with a local authority instead of the central government. This clearly shows that the central government have entrust some powers and means of public actions to local authorities (the South Regional Council). In this line the South Regional Council have the right to also transfer some competencies, policies or standards to the most appropriate level within the region( In this case the concerned Council) in order to ensure effectiveness, equity, profitability and efficiency in the establishment and exploitation of the quarry (principle of subsidiarity), while distinguishing those falling within the remits of the Council and those falling within the Region( the principle of complementarity).
      2. The South Regional Council, a local authority enjoying democratic legitimacy, is fulfilling one of its obligation of promoting local development by engaging in the establishment of a quarry which is aimed to increase the economy of the region, thereby contributing to the general development of the state ( the main objective of decentralization)
      3. In the process of establishment of the quarry, the South Regional Council respects the principle of legality by involving the technical and supervisory ministries (MINEPAT, MINDMIT and MINDCAF) to verify the technical and legal implications of the agreement, ensuring that the terms of the agreement comply with laws of the state and also that they are consistent with the National Strategic Framework(coherence).

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